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“Photography to me is like breathing.
I don’t think about it, I just do it. All the time.”

This page is currently under construction. If you want, you can already flip through some photographic highlights, scroll on to read more, click to see more art – or check out what’s new.

This is the beginning of a journey…

and the realisation of a dream.



to the first version of what will soon be the official portfolio page, online print shop and photography blog of Jonny Jelinek: A self-taught, passionate photographer from Vienna, who recently moved to an island to follow his dreams and make his passion a profession!


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After working as a social media manager in my own online marketing agency for many years and living a (successful, but) stressful city life, I slowly began to realise that, although everything seemed perfect, something wasn’t right. What I had built for myself just didn’t make me happy.

Being burned out on a regular basis and knowing what depression feels like, I decided that I needed to change something, or better, everything.

Without a lot of thinking I escaped into the tranquility of a quiet garden house in a small town near the beach on the beautiful island of Menorca and started over. After two years of “workation”, followed by a long sabbatical surrounded by nature and serenity, in which I had a lot a lot of time practice a new found mindfulness, while enjoying my biggest passion photography, I searched for something meaningful to do with my new life. I needed something that’s different than before, a new kind of work, that wouldn’t feel like one. A new purpose, that also says “this is who I am”.

>> So, I asked myself a simple, but life-changing question:

“If you would die tomorrow,
what do you want to have been known for?”

I knew I wanted to leave a footprint in this world, something that stays, when I’m gone, at best, created by doing something that I really love

Looking at my daily growing photo archive of around 500.000 images, the answer to this question was actually already there. This is it.

Jonny Jelinek:

“…the famous photographer, who made a difference in the world with his artistic and mindful photography.

I know, I would literally turn in my grave in case I ever die and hadn’t shown the pictures I’ve been taking for the past 20 years to the world. So in the end, you could call it a my last wish, but let’s just say, it’s a life-goal:

Not only being able to make a living through my photography, but getting my art seen by millions and beeing known as a photographer, somewhere between William Eggleston, Sam Abell and Andreas Gursky. That’s where I want to be at one point in the future. A big dream? Maybe. But, if everything goes well, I might still have another 40+ years to fully commit myself to my art and dedicate the rest of my time to this one goal.

This website is the first step of giving the above headline at least a chance to come true: After 20 years of keeping my photography mostly to myself, starting in 2019 I will put myself and my art out there, one photo at a time.

All photos on this page will ultimately also be found in my online shop, where you can buy prints as decorative wall art or license my images for publications or merchandising. Additionally I will soon be available for booking – more infos coming soon!

artworks in the shop

 “In my photography I often get attracted by subjects that others might oversee. The unspectacular and mundane, the quiet, but still beautiful moments of everyday life.”

The images on this page are just a small glimpse of what to expect: A visual journey through more than a decade of photography including selected artworks created while living in, or just wandering through, beautiful places like Vienna and the rural areas of Austria, the vineyards of the german Rhinegau, spanish cities like Barcelona or Valencia, perfect paradises like Bali, the Seychelles or Boracay, and last but not least, the breath-taking nature and tranquility of “the island I call home”, Menorca.

“No matter where I am, to me the world is always a constant stream of endless photographic possibilities.”

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More artworks coming soon…

In the end, this is more than just a simple website. It’s the start of a new life, in which I’ll be working each day towards my goal by living a life full of passion and making a living by doing something that creates pure happiness just by the nature of doing it.

To me, that’s the secret of living a meaningful and happy life.

For specific requests or feedback feel free to contact me via Email or Social Media.

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