This is the beginning of a journey…

and the start of a new life. 


to the first version of what soon will be the official portfolio page, online print shop and photography blog of Jonny Jelinek: A passionate Fine Art Photographer (and former Digital Marketing Manager) from Vienna who decided to move from the hectic city to a serene island in search for a more mindful way of living and a new purpose.

Surrounded by the pristine nature of Menorca he has found what he was looking for in 2017. After giving himself a clean slate and some time to restart, rethink and rebuild his life he’s is now following his dream to make his biggest passion a profession!

Or maybe even more than that… 


“No matter where I am, to me the world is always a constant stream of endless photographic possibilities.”


In my former life and career I’ve always tried to put a lot of passion into my work. It made me successful, but not happy.

Now, I try to put a lot of work into my passion. Not only by doing what I really love, but by dedicating my new life to something that, for me, creates happiness just by the pure nature of doing it. 


All of my photographs and digital artworks are available as fully customizable Fine Art Prints, with different materials to choose from, printed and framed in museum-quality, shipped worldwide within 3-4 business days. [Powered by FAA/]

The Insecure Seagull [Menorca, 2017]

Category: Mindful Photography / The Birds Around Me

“This image perfectly expresses how I felt two years ago, right after deciding to quit my career, set everything on one card and go full-time with my fine art photography.”

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Who I Am


The Facts
  • HOME: Cala Blanca, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • WORK: Full-time Fine Art Photographer  (+)
  • LIFE: Mindful, Artistic, Regularly Happy
  • SPEAKS: Spanish, English, German
  • MOTTO: I don’t know how, but I know that everything is going to work out somehow…

“If you would die tomorrow, what would you want to be remembered for?”

This was the question that ultimately led me from “changing something” to “changing everything”.

After working as social media manager in my own online marketing agency for many years and living a (successful, but) stressful city life, I slowly began to realise that, although everything seemed perfect, something wasn’t right. What I had built for myself just didn’t make me happy…


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Being burned out on a regular basis and knowing what depression feels like, I knew I needed to change something.

Without a lot of thinking I escaped into the tranquility of a quiet garden house in a small town near the beach on the beautiful island of Menorca, left my old life behind and started over.

While having a lot a lot of time to practice my new found mindfulness and enjoying my biggest passion photography, I searched for something meaningful to do with my new life.

Surrounded by nature and the sea, in a place where, especially in winter, you could literally hear the sound of silence, only disturbed by the chirping of the birds, the wind in the palmtrees and the smashing of the waves against the rocky coast, I just couldn’t help but fully immerse myself into this truly mindful place.

I had finally found my purpose and knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my new life.

This website right here is the result of two years of re-planing, re-inventing and re-building myself and now I can now finally say: I am a full-time fine art photographer and this is what I do.


If there’s one word that sums up the past 4 years of my life, it’s this. Changes. In fact, since I’ve decided to leave everything I’ve been (and built) before behind, the only two things that haven’t changed, are the love for my long-time-girlfriend of 10 years and the one passion that has never left me in 20 years: Photography.

Ever since taking my first picture with a camera, I’m addicted to the possibility of capturing all the beautiful moments that I see around me. Especially the ones that easily go by unnoticed if you don’t look, sometimes only existing for the fraction of a second, a blink of an eye, gone.

The ability not only to notice, but also to capture and collect those moments, knowing that one day I could show them to the world, has me hooked until today.

ingnterestingly, changes is also a word that perfectly describes my photography. Especially in my regularly occuring photo projects, where I’ve always been fascinated by everchanging elements like Water, Fire, Smoke or Clouds.

No mather when you look at it, they present themselves in a new way that’s completely different from the one before. And that’s the thing: If nobody looks at exactly at this moment, nobody will have seen it, like it had never even existed.

That’s what ultimately drives my photography: Preserving those moments by transforming them into timeless pieces of art that can be looked at forever. 

 “In my photography I often get attracted by subjects that others might oversee. The unspectacular and mundane, the quiet, but still beautiful moments of everyday life.”

Jonny Jelinek:

…the famous fine art photographer who made a difference in the world with his artistic and mindful photography.

Although this might sound like an ending, it’s actually the beginning of my story.

It’s the honest answer to a series of questions I asked myself when I restarted my life and tried to find out what to do with the rest of it. It’s what gave me a new purpose, a new goal and a new dream to follow. This is what I want to be remembered for or to put it a little more uplifting: This is who I want to become before I die. Read on…


All big dreams aside, being able to make a living with my photography is obviously going to be my short-term milestone on the road of becoming a famous photographer.

That’s why I’ll start by selling my personal favorites from my mostly unreleased archive of 200.000+ images as Custom Prints through my new online shop – BUT with a rather unique approach: Each of my artworks can either be bought as an unlimited Open Edition, OR as a custom-made, one-of-its-kind and highly exclusive “Limited-To-1-Original”*! (Scroll on for more infos)

Besides having them printed as decorative wall art, you can also license my images for advertising, publications or merchandising, plus I will be available for booking – more on this coming soon!

“I strongly believe that for each of my artworks there’s one person out there that it’s made for.”

Looking to buy exclusive art? Here’s what you should know:

Open Edition vs. Limited-To-1

Each new artwork in my Online Print Shop can either be purchased as unlimited Open Edition OR as an exclusive Limited-To-1 Custom Print that only exists once. Which one it’s going to be, will be decided by the first buyer. … Read More

Sold Open Edition Print

The “Sold” sign on an image indicates that it has been purchased at least once and is not available anymore as “Limited-To-1” exclusive print. You’ll still be able to buy it in my online print shop, fully customizable with multiple printing options. From museum-quality papers over different frames to various materials (Art Print, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal or Wood).

Sold Exclusive Print (1 of 1)

The “Sold Exclusive” sign on an image indicates that it has been purchased as an exclusive print that’s limited to only one existing piece – ever. In case you’re interested in buying this unique piece of art from the buyer, contact me with an offer and I’ll be happy to forward your request. You’re still able to license the image, but it won’t be available for printing anymore.

10% For A Good Cause

As I want to give back and help to protect each place that I was able to take pictures of, 10% of the earnings from all sold artworks will go to a non-profit organisation that’s connected to the motive, place or country depicted in each image. For example, 10% of all sold nature photographs of Menorca might go to “Menorca Biosphere Reserve”.

“Asked for the style of my photography, artistic and mindful is the closest definition I can come up with.”

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