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This is the beginning of a journey…

and the start of a new life. 


to the first version of what soon will be the official portfolio page, online print shop and photography blog of Jonny Jelinek: A passionate Fine Art Photographer (and former Digital Marketing Manager) from Vienna, who wanted to steer his life into a sunnier direction by moving from the hectic city to a serene island.

Amazed by the pristine nature of Menorca and the soothing tranquility of a small, spanish coastal-town called Cala Blanca, he couldn’t help but to fully immerse himself into a more mindful way of living. After giving himself a clean slate in 2017, and some time to restart, rethink and rebuild his life, finally found his purpose and is now following his dream of making his biggest passion a profession!

Or maybe even more than that… 


“No matter where I am, to me the world is always a constant stream of endless photographic possibilities.”

Passion + Work = Purpose

In my former life and career, I’ve always tried to put a lot of passion into my work.

Now, I’ll try putting a lot of work into my passion.

Not only by spending each day with something that, to me, creates happiness just by the pure nature of it.

But by dedicating my life to something that makes it more mindful and more meaningful.

“Deep Space Nebula” [2009]

Although my style of photography might have changed over the years, this artwork from my early days reminds me until today to look for hidden universes in common things and that sky isn’t actually the limit.

“When it comes to finding happiness, it just had to be full-time photography at some point. Simply because of how I feel, when I’m taking pictures.”

Who I Am


The Facts
  • HOME: Cala Blanca, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • WORK: Full-time Fine Art Photographer  (+)
  • LIFE: Mindful, Artistic, Regularly Happy
  • SPEAKS: Spanish, English, German
  • MOTTO: I don’t know how, but I know that everything is going to work out somehow…

Fine Art Photographer by Heart

Ever since taking my first pictures with a cheap disposable camera in 1998, I am hopelessly in love with capturing the beautiful things that I see directly around me.

20 years, a new life on an island, and an epiphany later, I realized that it’s way more than just a passion…

Read on…

 A Decade of Digital Photography

including but not limited to places like


and the countless HIDDEN UNIVERSES that start to unfold, whenever it’s not about travelling, but about staying.


Artistic & Mindful Photography since 2007

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My Gear

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My Story

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Fine Art Prints

All of my photographs and digital artworks are available as fully customizable Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, with different framing and printing options to choose from (Paper, Canvas, Acrylic, Metal or Wood). Each piece is produced in museum-quality, shipped worldwide, delivered in 3-4 business days and comes with a 30-day-money-back guarantee.

Limited Editions


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Limited to 100 Prints per Size


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The Limited-to-1 60″ Print for each artwork in the shop will only be sold upon direct request. All Limited Prints will come unnumbered and unsigned. A Certificate of Authenticity and a numbered and signed sticker for the back can be requested via email:

10% For A Good Cause

As I want to give back and help protect the places, natural environments and subjects that I’m able to take pictures of, 10% of all earnings through sold artworks will go to a non-profit organisation that’s connected to the place or motive depicted in each image. For example, 10% of all sold nature photographs of Menorca might go to “Menorca Biosphere Reserve”.

Exclusive Art For Your Wall

Slide through some examples of how my art could look on your wall. Visit the shop for more previews of each printing size.

Sunset In a Glass [Vienna, 2008]

Category: Artistic Photography / The Glass

“This simple glass ment a lot to me and my photography back in 2008, until it tragically shattered into pieces right after shooting it just a few times…” (Read more on Flickr)

View Artwork | Buy Limited Print | License Image

The Insecure Seagull [Menorca, 2017]

Category: Mindful Photography / The Birds Around Me

“This image perfectly expresses how I felt two years ago, right after deciding to quit my career, set everything on one card and go full-time with my fine art photography.”

View Artwork | Buy Print | License Image

Dramatic Sunset [Vienna, 2008]

Category: Artistic Photography / Vienna


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artworks in the shop

“I’m not telling you to buy one of my limited artworks now. I’m only saying that in five years from now, you might think you should have bought one today.”

Latest In The Shop

Visit the shop to see all available artworks. New photographs will be uploaded regularly. 


Daily Mobile Feed

All of the images taken with my smartphone camera on a daily basis also be made available for purchase on request.

“Asked for the style of my photography, artistic and mindful is the closest definition I can come up with.”

Artistic & Mindful Portfolio

Fine Art Photography since 2007

(2007 – 2011)

(2012 – NOW)


Hidden Universes within our Common World

Smoke Art


The Glass

Life In My Sink

The Other World
2017 – 2019

The 4th Dimension
2017 – 2019

This is just a small selection out of the many different photo projects that I have been focusing on besides my day-to-day photography. Still to come: Fire, Ice, Water, Clouds and a lot more!

New pieces from my past and present projects will be uploaded regularly. If you want to stay up to date, follow me on facebook or find me (and my most recent projects) on instagram.

My Gear

Nikon D100

My first digital camera that my father gave me in 2007

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Sony a6000

My small and light travel buddy that quickly became my always-on



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Lumix LMZ

My first bridge camera with an impressive 20x optical zoom.

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Zeiss Macro 60mm

The best macro lense I’ve used so far


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My Story

New Life

New plan.

In the beginning of 2017, in first of already a few solitary and stormy island winters that I spent within the tranquility of a small coastal-town called Cala Blanca, after a month in which I could literally watch my old life, work and career go up in flames, I realised that in order to find the happiness and the peace of mind that I was looking for, I needed to give up everything that I’ve been and built before and start over completely.

Until then, “I am, what I work” had always been true for me, even more in my own company. Now, for the first time in years I was back to being nobody.

New Purpose

I went offline and began searching for the things that still mattered to me.

I knew I didn’t just want to look for a new job or create a new business to make a living. This time, I wanted to find my purpose. For the (+/-) second half of my life I wanted to dedicate my time to something that’s more. More real, more important, more meaningful and more me. Or maybe even bigger than me. I wanted something that would stay, in case I should ever be really gone. In the end, it’s leaving a footstep on this earth that says “Jonny was here”.

And there it was. My still daly growing archive of 200.000+ images from the past decade of just doing what I always do. Taking pictures. Creating art. Simply because it makes me happy.


Click on a story to read more. New stories will be published each week.

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If there’s one word that sums up the past 4 years of my life, it’s this. Changes. In fact, since I’ve decided to leave everything I’ve been (and built) before behind, the only two things that haven’t changed, are the love for my long-time-girlfriend of 10 years and the one passion that has never left me in 20 years: Photography.

Ever since taking my first picture with a camera, I’m addicted to the possibility of capturing all the beautiful moments that I see around me. Especially the ones that easily go by unnoticed if you don’t look, sometimes only existing for the fraction of a second, a blink of an eye, gone.

The ability not only to notice, but also to capture and collect those moments, knowing that one day I could show them to the world, has me hooked until today.

Interestingly, changes is also a word that perfectly describes my photography. Especially in my photo projects I’ve always been fascinated by everchanging elements like Water, Fire, Smoke or Clouds.

No mather when you look at it, they present themselves in a new way that’s completely different from the one before. And that’s the thing: If nobody looks at exactly at this moment, nobody will have seen it, like it had never even existed.

That’s what ultimately drives my photography: Preserving those moments by transforming them into timeless pieces of art that can be looked at forever. 

 “In my photography I often get attracted by subjects that others might oversee. The unspectacular and mundane, the quiet, but still beautiful moments of everyday life.”

For specific requests or feedback feel free to contact me via Email or Social Media.

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