This is the beginning of a journey…

and the start of a new life. 


to the first version of the official portfolio page, online print shop and photography blog of Jonny Jelinek: A passionate Fine Art Photographer (and former Digital Marketing Manager) from Vienna, who wanted to steer his life into a sunnier direction by moving from the hectic city to a serene island.

Amazed by the pristine nature of Menorca and the soothing tranquility of a small, spanish coastal-town called Cala Blanca, he couldn’t help but to fully immerse himself into a more mindful way of living. After giving himself a clean slate in 2017, and some time to restart, rethink and rebuild his life, he has finally found his purpose and is now following his dream of making his biggest passion a profession!

Or maybe even more than that… 


“No matter where I am, to me the world is always a constant stream of endless photographic possibilities.”

Passion + Work = Purpose

In my former life and career, I’ve always tried to put a lot of passion into my work.

Now, I’ll try to put a lot of work into my passion.

Not only by spending each day with something that, to me, creates happiness by it’s pure nature. But by dedicating my life to something that makes it more mindful. And more meaningful.  

“When it comes to finding happiness in life, it just had to be full-time photography at some point. Simply because of how I feel, when I’m taking pictures.”

Fine Art Photographer by Heart

Ever since taking my first pictures with a disposable camera in 1998, I am hopelessly in love with capturing the beautiful things that I see directly around me… [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

When my father gave me his old Nikon including a set of lenses in 2007, it ignited a fire that’s burning until today. The urge to find out everything there is about digital photography in a world of endless possibilites just completely absorbed me, making it literally the number-one thing I did in my free time, day or night — or simply, my biggest passion.

Until it should become even more than that…

After deciding to start over completely by stripping myself of everything that I’ve been or built before, my photography has still been there. When suddenly nothing that I’ve been doing for the past years made sense anymore, taking pictures of the beauty around me still did. When I lost myself and tried to find my purpose, the artworks I’ve been creating so passionately pointed me into a fulfilling direction.


My Photographic Universe


Artistic & Mindful Photography since 2007


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My Gear

Cameras & Lenses I Personally Use & Recommend

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Who I Am


In Facts
  • HOME: Cala Blanca, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
  • WORK: Full-time Fine Art Photographer  (+)
  • LIFE: Mindful, Artistic, Happy(ier)
  • SPEAKS: Spanish, English, German
  • MOTTO: I don’t know how, I just know that everything is going to work out somehow…

Artistic & Mindful Portfolio

Fine Art Photography since 2007

(2007 – 2011)

(2012 – NOW)

Smoke Art


The Glass

Life In My Sink

The Other World
2017 – 2019

The 4th Dimension
2017 – 2019


Discovering the Hidden Universes within our Common World

Still to come:
Worlds of Fire & Ice, Water In All It’s Forms, A.Drop.Life Part II, Surreal Surfaces, Painting With Light, Artistic Clouds and a lot more!

New artworks from my past and present projects will be uploaded regularly.
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Museum-Quality Fine Art Prints

All of my photographs and digital artworks are available as fully customizable Fine Art Prints. Each piece is produced in museum-quality, shipped worldwide, delivered in 3-4 business days, comes ready-to-hang and includes a 30-day-money-back guarantee. [powered by FAA/]

Customize it

Give it the perfect finish by choosing between various paper, mat and framing options, aswell as printing it on Canvas, Acrylic, Metal or Wood.

Vienna – “When The Day Meets The Night”, 2007

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Latest In The Shop

Visit the shop to see all currently available artworks. New photographs will be uploaded regularly. 

My Gear

A selection of the cameras and lenses that I’ve been using in the past 10 years, all to my full satisfaction.

Nikon D100

My first digital camera that my father gave me in 2007. It’s basically my first love and the start of everything that you see on this website.

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Nikkor 60mm

This classic and robust Nikon lens invited me into the world of macro back in 2007 and even today on my D5100 it’s my prefered choice for all the small things around me.

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Sony a6000

My small and light mirrorless travel buddy that, in combination with the 18-200mm lens, quickly became my always-on for a few years.

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Touit 50mm

Next to my 18-200mm this is my most favorite lens for the Sony a6000, especially for  macro. It’s small, it’s light, it’s perfect. In terms of quality you just can’t go wrong with Zeiss.

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Nikon D5100

Maybe it’s a “back to the roots” thing, but about 2 years ago I switched to this new-gen Nikon that’s now always on my side.

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