If there’s one word that sums up the past 4 years of my life, it’s this. Changes. In fact, since I’ve decided to leave everything I’ve been (and built) before behind, the only two things that haven’t changed, are the love for my long-time-girlfriend of 10 years and the one passion that has never left me in 20 years: Photography.

Ever since taking my first picture with a camera, I’m addicted to the possibility of capturing all the beautiful moments that I see around me. Especially the ones that easily go by unnoticed if you don’t look, sometimes only existing for the fraction of a second, a blink of an eye, gone.

The ability not only to notice, but also to capture and collect those moments, knowing that one day I could show them to the world, has me hooked until today.

Interestingly, changes is also a word that perfectly describes my photography. Especially in my photo projects I’ve always been fascinated by everchanging elements like Water, Fire, Smoke or Clouds.

No mather when you look at it, they present themselves in a new way that’s completely different from the one before. And that’s the thing: If nobody looks at exactly at this moment, nobody will have seen it, like it had never even existed.

That’s what ultimately drives my photography: Preserving those moments by transforming them into timeless pieces of art that can be looked at forever. 

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