New Life, New Work

New plan.

In the beginning of 2017, in first of already a few solitary and stormy island winters that I spent within the tranquility of a small coastal-town called Cala Blanca, after a month in which I could literally watch my old life, work and career go up in flames, I realised that in order to find the happiness and the peace of mind that I was looking for, I needed to give up everything that I’ve been and built before and start over completely.

Until then, “I am, what I work” had always been true for me, even more in my own company. Now, for the first time in years I was back to being nobody.

New Purpose

I went offline and began searching for the things that still mattered to me.

I knew I didn’t just want to look for a new job or create a new business to make a living. This time, I wanted to find my purpose. For the (+/-) second half of my life I wanted to dedicate my time to something that’s more. More real, more important, more meaningful and more me. Or maybe even bigger than me. I wanted something that would stay, in case I should ever really be gone for good. In the end, it’s all about leaving a footstep on this earth that says “Jonny was here”.

And there it was. My (still daily growing) photographic archive of 200.000+ images from the past decade of just doing what I always do. Taking pictures. Creating art. Simply because it makes me happy.

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